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The Right Chip for the Right Job

Authentic Sports Timing provides two types of chip timing solutions; an active transponder based chip as well as a disposable passive bibtag


Active Chip - MyLaps ProChip

The Mylaps Prochip offers the highest performing active chip available on the market. These active chips are typically worn around the ankle or mounted to a bicycle. These chips allow for high degrees of accuracy with high speeds and or high finish densities. When milliseconds literally count, an active chip is the only solution.

 These chips are generally returned to the event/timing company as chips can cost as much as $150 each.

   Accuracy: .001 seconds  -  Density: 60 passings per second  -  Speed: up to 60 miles per hour


Passive Chip - MyLaps Bibtag

The MyLaps Bibtag system offers an accurate and convenient solutions for mass events such as running events (Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, etc.) as well as many other types of events such as triathlons, fundraisers, lap and time trial events as well as trail events and bike races*. These disposable chips offer a cost effective timing solution for many race directors. No need to have the chips returned after the event. The participants can just finish and continue on. These disposable chips are great for relays as well as kids events.

 These chips are not generally returned to the event/timing company as cost as generally $1 per chip/tag.

   Accuracy: .1 seconds  -  Density: 20 passings per second  -  Speed: up to 25 miles per hour